logo is an important part of your company’s brand, and it makes a significant impact on a company’s public perception. In fact, a logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make. 

Companies Have Paid Enormous Amounts Of Money For LOGOS

BIG companies know that a logo is so much more than just a logo… a logo captures the brand perfectly to forge an identity that everyone can relate to. Your logo is so important to creating your brand, and a brand is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT aspect of marketing.

Our Approach to Logo Design

We realize that your logo should be easily understood and related to your target market. It should not be so complicated that it causes cognitive overload where the message of your brand is lost. For example, a logo that includes words should use a font that is easily recognized. A grotesque font that makes it difficult for the mind of your customer to readily recognize the individual letters of your logo reduces the amount of brain power used by your customers that is directed at your brand associations. For logos that include words, we recommend one or two words at the most. We believe icons/symbols should also be as simple as possible. We don’t recommend a logo design that includes more than one icon/symbol. A powerful logo design is one whose simple, sharp-edged design cuts through the everyday cognitive noise of our busy, complicated society and reaches into the minds of your customers in milliseconds.

Your finished logo design also includes the vector and file formats needed for your website logo placement and printing your logo on business cards, T-shirts, and promotional products.

Affordable Logo Design Plans

Simple Solution Plan




Three Custom Logo Design Concepts

Vector And Multiple File Formats

100% Ownership Rights

Three Professional Revisions

Most Popular Plan




Six Custom Logo Design Concepts

Vector And Multiple File Formats

100% Ownership Rights

Six Professional Revisions

Expanded Scope Plan




Eight Custom Logo Design Concepts

Vector And Multiple File Formats

100% Ownership Rights

Eight Professional Revisions


What is the completion time?

We strive to complete all logo designs in a timely manner. The completion time is affected by our workload and the Logo Design Plan you have selected. All orders are usually fully completed within thirty workdays; however, two to three weeks is the average completion time.

What information do you need from me?

To be able to start work on your Logo Design Plan, we need you to complete the questions on the Logo Design Information Questionnaire.